The Wedding Bride.

Actually there’s two.
No wait.. three. It all depends on how many I intend to share about, with you.

OK let’s just talk about the first one for now. Where do I start?

They met alright. All sorts of sparks entailed and along came each’s different ideas of that relationship’s fate in their own minds – what with all the communicative barriers that technology has brought upon today’s lovers. Nothing about it was extraordinary. They thought.. nay, they knew within they could never not be part of each other’s lives, ever again. Boy were they wrong.
What was extraordinary, though, was how impossible it all seemed when the time had finally come; the time to part. I think they knew it never would have amounted to anything, ultimately. All the same, the idea of her being with another man (especially him) always got to him. It just did. The way your parents liking your sibling more always gets to you, you know? The usual turd.

And the idea of being figuratively caged, among other things, always got to her. Oh she just wanted everything that was on the table, the whole lot. One thing she never did, was let dishonesty creep in. She never did that, no. He couldn’t possibly respect her enough for that; although deceit had been, among other things, predominant between them two for quite some time then.
Something had to be done. Something just had to change. So they each did what they felt like – not necessarily towards benefiting what they had between them.

As of today, I think they’re still doing what they feel like. I think so. That is what change means, right? All that are left in their minds now are fragments of short-lived moments of what was, and an altered, glorified version of the whole story to keep telling themselves. That’s because your thoughts really take a toll on your memory of complicated events over time, you know? It was almost magnificent – they way it all crumbled down into nothingness. Who would’ve known? Not them anyway.
I can’t tell you how it ended, because it has not yet. Not that I know of, at least. Now I feel the need to mention: I’m very fond of HIMYM, hence the title.

To future Zakir: Look at yourself. Then read this blog again. You just did it! Well not you, the Zakir at 19:05 hrs. on the 5th of April. I’m also at rational crossroads about the opportunity I applied for yesterday. Did I get it?

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