I got the job. Mostly, yes. There’s that one thing that’s yet to be figured. But mostly I think I did.

We’ll see about that. What’s more unsettling is: problems that seemed worrisome now seem petty; And those I didn’t mind having, I now fear them more. But that’s alright. What do I have to lose anyway? I haven’t told anyone about it. It’ll be alright.

For more than a year now, I have enjoyed the comfort and warmth of home. This evening was when it all dawned on me – how swiftly and effortlessly my regular life was about to flip-over, tumble and crash. Although, I don’t intend to resist any of it; I gotta get out there and prove (mostly to myself, at this point) that I still got it, you know? That I got the spark. That what I am and what I am capable of doing, can actually be put to good use. That’s the goal.
Meeting my overseas friend was probably the most.. correct thing that could have happened to me today. Allahu Akbar. That’s about just the push I needed.

It’l be alright. I’m alright.

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