Another Bites The Dust

Just.. so many hurdles. Why can’t I see anybody else doing the hard work? It’s strange how you think you know someone inside out only to realise later that most of their lives happens in your absence so really, you really don’t. You’re simply not there. That essentially most of our lives happen in our minds, is an entirely different conversation.

Anyway, the kind of obstacles (hurdles) life seems to be throwing at me is unrealistic. Is this just how 20’s go for everyone? Or am I overthinking.. is that something people my age do a lot of, too? Life seems to be giving itself too much credit here. Or are we?

Do dreams mean something? How do you tame the animalistic brain of a youngster to focus on your goals? Is it even possible to take care of your aging parents and focus on your career at the same time? Just a couple of thoughts constantly bugging me recently.

There is a knock on the door. Who’s there?

To future Zakir: Routine is everything. You had an incredible start at something yesterday. JUST DON’T STOP! We are on your side.

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